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Bernie Ecclestone The FIA And Ferrari Are Crooks
Artist Rendering of Bernie Ecclestone The FIA And Ferrari Are Crooks
2017-10-28 Bernie Ecclestone himself said “there has been a historical conspiracy of bias to help Ferrari win in Formula 1.”

“F1 is Ferrari, and Ferrari is F1,” Ecclestone told Italian newspaper, La Repubblica.

“Helping Ferrari has always been the smartest thing to do. It was always done through the technical regulations. The teams are important to F1, but Ferrari is more than that. So many things have been done over the years that have helped Ferrari to win.”

The FIA has become so comfortable with their crookedness that it issued an 5 second penalty only to the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen for driving 4 tires over the white line in the corner, which ironically was also done by the Ferrari driver and nearly every other driver in the race.

Max Verstappen was pushed aside just before he stepped onto the podium to collect his third place finish. The FIA in favor of the Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen awarded him the third place, pushing the Red Bull driver to fourth.

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