Brittany Force Wins NHRA Top Fuel At The Texas Nationals
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Brittany Force Wins NHRA Top Fuel At The Texas Nationals
Artist Rendering of Brittany Force Wins NHRA Top Fuel At The Texas Nationals
2017-10-15 Final Round Winner Brittany Force drove her Monster Energy Top Fuel dragster to a Texas Motorplex elapsed-time record of 3.681 seconds at 326.87 mph. to defeat Shawn Langdon and his Global Electronic Technology dragster’s run of 3.693 seconds at 326.56 mph.

This is Brittany Force’s third win of the season and 6th of her career. The points she gained today moves her into second place.

“It’s been quite a day. A lot needed to happen and it seemed to work in our favor,” Force says. “Really it was about us going rounds. We had Doug Kalitta and Steve Torrence, the two people in front of us in the standings. Everyone has been struggling trying to take them down. They’ve been killing it. When we pulled up there I felt confident in us that we were going to turn those win lights on. That’s what we needed to do, we were able to do it and then we were able to take down Langdon and won the thing. This is a huge win. It’s a Countdown race. And we’re still climbing that ladder.”

Round Three

Brittany Force ran 3.685 seconds at 327.43 mph. beating Steve Torrence who ran 3.728 seconds at 323.35 mph.

Shawn Langdon ran 3.702 seconds at 322.88 mph. beating Antron Brown who ran 3.716 seconds at 326.71 mph.

Round Two

Steve Torrence ran 3.724 seconds at 302.62 mph. beating Richie Crampton who ran 3.711 seconds at 325.53 mph.

Brittany Force ran 3.719 seconds at 326.56 mph. beating Doug Kalitta who ran 3.739 seconds at 323.43 mph.

Shawn Langdon ran 5.862 seconds at 105.23 mph. beating Terry Haddock No Contestant who ran 0.000 seconds at 000.00 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.687 seconds at 323.74 mph. beating Leah Pritchett who ran 3.709 seconds at 326.63 mph.

Round One

Steve Torrence ran 3.683 seconds at 327.59 mph. beating Blake Alexander who ran 4.110 seconds at 217.28 mph.

Richie Crampton ran 3.683 seconds at 326.79 mph. beating Billy Torrence who ran 3.726 seconds at 326.95 mph.

Doug Kalitta ran 3.867 seconds at 262.28 mph. beating Kebin Kinsley who ran 10.303 seconds at 69.81 mph.

Brittany Force ran 3.708 seconds at 327.27 mph. beating Terry McMillen who ran 3.754 seconds at 317.57 mph.

Terry Haddock ran 4.043 seconds at 285.95 mph. beating Tony Schumacher who ran 4.559 seconds at 220.08 mph.

Shawn Langdon ran 3.993 seconds at 219.54 mph. beating Clay Millican who ran 8.830 seconds at 83.31 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.721 seconds at 325.69 mph. beating Shawn Reed who ran 3.894 seconds at 271.24 mph.

Leah Pritchett ran 3.724 seconds at 324.05 mph. beating Scott Palmer who ran 3.795 seconds at 313.22 mph.

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