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Eddie Krawiec Wins NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle At The Texas Nationals
Artist Rendering of Eddie Krawiec Wins NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle At The Texas Nationals
2017-10-15 Final Round Winner Eddie Krawiec on his Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson coasted across the finish line at the Texas Motorplex with his 9.336 pass at 92.62 which was enough due to a red-light start from defending world champion Jerry Savoie.

This is Krawiec’s sixth win of the season and 42nd of his career.

“This track really, leaving here kind of sets the tone for how that championship is going to shape up. I probably put more pressure on myself to do really good here,” Krawiec said. “You need to capitalize. For me, I had, I would say, a perfect weekend for how it worked out. I went out there got a lot of the little points in qualifying. I needed to capitalize, this was the opportunity for me to grab the ball and run with it. I think that was more of my drive for today. Lucky enough for me I had a great motorcycle under me.”

Round Three

Eddie Krawiec ran 6.853 seconds at 195.87 mph. beating Scott Pollacheck who ran 6.907 seconds at 191.76 mph.

Jerry Savoie ran 6.860 seconds at 195.28 mph. beating Matt Smith who ran 10.803 seconds at 72.59 mph.

Round Two

Eddie Krawiec ran 6.785 seconds at 196.50 mph. beating Karen Stoffer who ran 6.897 seconds at 191.32 mph.

Scott Pollacheck ran 6.895 seconds at 189.50 mph. beating Angie Smith who ran 7.213 seconds at 146.19 mph.

Jerry Savoie ran 6.845 seconds at 194.52 mph. beating Joey Gladstone who ran 6.875 seconds at 191.00 mph.

Matt Smith ran 6.862 seconds at 193.77 mph. beating Andrew Hines who ran 6.849 seconds at 193.27 mph.

Round One

Eddie Krawiec ran 6.885 seconds at 194.44 mph. beating David Hope who ran 9.212 seconds at 91.40 mph.

Karen Stoffer ran 6.957 seconds at 189.63 mph. beating Hector Arana Jr who ran 6.938 seconds at 195.68 mph.

Scott Pollacheck ran 6.944 seconds at 190.73 mph. beating Steve Johnson who ran 10.180 seconds at 78.32 mph.

Angie Smith ran 6.889 seconds at 189.66 mph. beating Mike Berry who ran 6.936 seconds at 186.59 mph.

Jerry Savoie ran 6.855 seconds at 194.16 mph. beating Gunner Courtney who ran 7.378 seconds at 146.62 mph.

Joey Gladstone ran 6.916 seconds at 192.28 mph. beating LE Tonglet who ran 6.971 seconds at 194.46 mph.

Andrew Hines ran 6.935 seconds at 193.21 mph. beating Mark Paquette who ran 8.227 seconds at 110.04 mph.

Matt Smith ran 6.900 seconds at 193.43 mph. beating Melissa Surber who ran 19.300 seconds at 27.53 mph.

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