Fire Ball Pile up Sends Aric Amirola To Hospital
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Fire Ball Pile up Sends Aric Amirola To Hospital
Artistic Rendering Of Almirola Airlifted to Hospital
Aric Amirola was air lifted to a local hospital after he was involved in a violent three-car accident in Sat. night’s Go Bowling 400 at Kansas Speedway.

Almirola, Joey Logano and Danica Patrick were the three involved in the accident that caused a 27-minute red flag late in the race.

Safety workers cut a portion of the roof off the Richard Petty Motorsports Ford to get Almirola. He was alert and awake as he was extricated from his car then he was transported by helicopter to a local medical facility. He was in stable condition and was held overnight for further observation. Almirola suffered a compression fracture to his T5 Vertebra after the accident at Kansas Speedway Sat. night. Almirola was mobile and will follow-up with his doctors in Charlotte.

Logano and Patrick were not injured and released from the infield medical center.

Logano’s car suffered some type of mechanical problem causing him to turn into Patrick. She spun and made hard contact with the outside wall as did Logano, who then was hit extremely hard by Almirola. The heavy impact sparked a fireball underneath Almirola’s car, which quickly subsided once all three cars came to a halt.

Logano said, “Yeah, I'm okay, Just saying a lot of prayers for Aric Almirola right now. A lot of us took a hard hit. Something broke on my car, I don't know what it was. I noticed it as I was trying to go in. I tried to back it off but you're going 215 mph and it's hard to check up. The car just took a bit step sideways into the corner and I hooked Danica Patrick. I haven't seen a replay yet, I don't know what happened. You can see the right-front popped right there and it popped. I just hope everyone was okay. I hope Aric was alright. That's the last thing you want to see, a big hit like that for anyone. It's unfortunate for everyone. Let's hope that Aric was alright."

Patrick said, “I just don’t understand why so much bad luck happens,Besides that, I feel physically fine. On the other hand, I was having a really exceptional night and that’s what makes me the most mad. Everytime I’m doing better, something stupid happens and it’s just killing me.I hope Aric’s okay. He’s definitely feeling the worst of everybody. NASCAR does everything it can to make our cars safe as possible, but things happen.”

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