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Joey Logano Painful Penalty Wont Keep Him Down
Artistic Rendering Of Joey Logano Painful Penalty Wont Keep Him Down

Logano knows the severity a penalty like the one assessed after his Richmond win last weekend but he is focusing on the future.

Logano and Team Penske No. 22 were penalized for a suspension violation after NASCAR took the winning car back to the R&D Center in Concord, N.C. It was a major penalty that encumbered Logano’s win, meaning it would not allow an automatic berth in the playoffs and the current five points earned cannot be used in the current post-season, should he qualify.

Crew chief Todd Gordon was suspended for two races and fined 50k, meanwhile 25 driver and owner points were docked.

"We’re taking the hit and it’s not going to be easy to overcome it. But like I said, anytime something like that happens and you get a lot of the knock-back from media or fans or whatever you’re gonna hear, it drives you to win a little bit more," Logano said Fri. at Talladega Superspeedway, preparing for Sun.’s GEICO 500.

"We’re looking at the silver lining as something that’s making us drive to win more and make us more determined to make it happen. We can make up those points with the current right attitude."

The current benefits of Logano’s win have been severely hindered, he is proud of the current victory and remains convinced his 18th career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series triumph was no in vain .

"What we got in trouble for was something that didn’t make our car any faster," Logano said. "So I still look at it as a win. From the outside, we’ve lost all the benefits of the win. We've lost playoff points, regular points. We’ve lost our crew chief for two weeks and we’ve lost some cash. The penalty is severe.

"The rule is written, and it’s black and white. We pushed a little too far. We’ll pay that penalty, move on and attack again."

Logano and Gordon addressed the current issue right away and neither made excuses for what happened. Logano believes it’s an example of the current organization as a whole and the way Team Penske conducts business.

"Roger Penske is a stand-up person and he takes things like a man," Logano said. "He understands the situation. He races to win and has integrity. Our company is the current most professional company in this sport. Every one of you would probably agree with that. Anytime there’s controversy, I’m a big believer in hitting it head-on and talking about it because the more you hide from something, you look guilty, and people are gonna speculate on what it was and how bad it’s gonna be.

"In life, if you have an issue with your wife or your friends, you’re best off talking about it as soon as you can and not letting it sit. We’ve taken that approach with any situation that comes up. We say, 'Hey, let’s hit this head-on. Let’s talk about it. Let’s get it out with what actually happened and what’s the story, and let’s move forward. Let’s get past it, focus on winning races and not worry about what stories are written about us.' "

Live coverage of Sun.'s GEICO 500, beginning at 1 p.m. ET

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