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LE Tonglet Wins Pro Stock Motorcycle At NHRA Midwest Nationals
Artist Rendering of LE Tonglet Wins Pro Stock Motorcycle At NHRA Midwest Nationals

2017-10-01 Final Round Winner

LE Tonglet ran 6.792 seconds at 197.91 mph. beating Andrew Hines who ran 6.790 seconds at 197.94 mph.

Round Three

Andrew Hines ran 6.841 seconds at 196.22 mph. beating Scott Pollacheck who ran 6.823 seconds at 196.50 mph.

LE Tonglet ran 6.811 seconds at 196.85 mph. beating Matt Smith who ran 6.850 seconds at 196.33 mph.

Round Two

Andrew Hines ran 6.809 seconds at 196.99 mph. beating Karen Stoffer who ran 6.845 seconds at 195.28 mph.

Scott Pollacheck ran 6.821 seconds at 196.64 mph. beating Jerry Savoie who ran 6.826 seconds at 196.62 mph.

LE Tonglet ran 6.825 seconds at 196.53 mph. beating Eddie Krawiec who ran 6.831 seconds at 196.59 mph.

Matt Smith ran 6.829 seconds at 197.83 mph. beating Angie Smith who ran 7.168 seconds at 160.79 mph.

Round One

Andrew Hines ran 6.960 seconds at 197.42 mph. beating Andie Rawlings who ran 8.261 seconds at 125.83 mph.

Karen Stoffer ran 6.840 seconds at 194.13 mph. beating Hector Arana Jr who ran 6.848 seconds at 195.45 mph.

Scott Pollacheck ran 6.846 seconds at 194.58 mph. beating Ryan Oehler who ran 6.985 seconds at 190.75 mph.

Jerry Savoie ran 6.817 seconds at 196.39 mph. beating Marc Ingwersen who ran 7.067 seconds at 190.73 mph.

Eddie Krawiec ran 6.783 seconds at 196.53 mph. beating David Hope who ran 7.082 seconds at 188.38 mph.

LE Tonglet ran 6.829 seconds at 196.19 mph. beating Joey Gladstone who ran 6.878 seconds at 193.35 mph.

Matt Smith ran 6.834 seconds at 196.42 mph. beating Steve Johnson who ran 6.907 seconds at 194.46 mph.

Angie Smith ran 6.846 seconds at 193.99 mph. beating Mike Berry who ran 6.928 seconds at 192.30 mph.

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