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Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals At Brainerd International Raceway Results
Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals At Brainerd International Raceway Results
2017-08-20 Brainerd, MN Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals At Brainerd International Raceway

Top Fuel Results

2017-07-09 Final Round Winner

Leah Pritchett ran 3.682 seconds at 328.06 mph. beating Antron Brown who ran 4.001 seconds at 246.35 mph.

Round Three

Leah Pritchett ran 3.666 seconds at 330.88 mph. beating Clay Millican who ran 3.792 seconds at 263.00 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.706 seconds at 331.61 mph. beating Steve Torrence who ran 3.726 seconds at 323.19 mph.

Round Two

Leah Pritchett ran 3.715 seconds at 330.63 mph. beating Scott Palmer who ran 3.906 seconds at 257.48 mph.

Clay Millican ran 3.658 seconds at 330.47 mph. beating Tony Schumacher who ran 3.718 seconds at 327.66 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.681 seconds at 332.43 mph. beating Brittany Force who ran 3.675 seconds at 332.75 mph.

Steve Torrence ran 3.723 seconds at 328.30 mph. beating Doug Kalitta who ran 3.709 seconds at 332.10 mph.

Round One

Leah Pritchett ran 3.709 seconds at 325.30 mph. beating Rob Passey who ran 4.321 seconds at 247.75 mph.

Scott Palmer ran 3.787 seconds at 327.90 mph. beating Terry McMillen who ran 4.302 seconds at 194.69 mph.

Tony Schumacher ran 3.711 seconds at 324.67 mph. beating Troy Coughlin Jr who ran 16.216 seconds at 22.28 mph.

Clay Millican ran 3.655 seconds at 330.23 mph. beating Chris Karamesines who ran 4.261 seconds at 221.67 mph.

Brittany Force ran 3.728 seconds at 327.03 mph. beating Steve Chrisman who ran 5.301 seconds at 139.78 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.695 seconds at 331.77 mph. beating Shawn Langdon who ran 3.734 seconds at 318.62 mph.

Doug Kalitta ran 3.697 seconds at 328.54 mph. beating Terry Haddock who ran 4.267 seconds at 226.92 mph.

Steve Torrence ran 3.726 seconds at 328.62 mph. beating Luigi Novelli who ran 6.418 seconds at 98.82 mph.

Funny Car Results

2017-07-09 Final Round Winner

Alexis Dejoria ran 3.906 seconds at 330.96 mph. beating Tommy Johnson Jr who ran 3.933 seconds at 324.44 mph.

Round Three

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 6.875 seconds at 128.60 mph. beating Robert Hight who ran 9.806 seconds at 78.40 mph.

Alexis Dejoria ran 3.892 seconds at 329.02 mph. beating John Force who ran 3.909 seconds at 331.94 mph.

Round Two

Robert Hight ran 3.828 seconds at 336.23 mph. beating Ron Capps who ran 3.938 seconds at 304.80 mph.

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 3.932 seconds at 326.48 mph. beating Courtney Force who ran 8.099 seconds at 84.74 mph.

Alexis Dejoria ran 3.883 seconds at 330.96 mph. beating Cruz Pedregon who ran 4.505 seconds at 192.47 mph.

John Force ran 3.896 seconds at 335.48 mph. beating Jack Beckman who ran 9.505 seconds at 72.67 mph.

Round One

Robert Hight ran 3.850 seconds at 331.45 mph. beating Dale Creasy who ran 4.168 seconds at 258.32 mph.

Ron Capps ran 3.894 seconds at 330.96 mph. beating J.R. Todd who ran 3.973 seconds at 323.35 mph.

Courtney Force ran 3.862 seconds at 334.90 mph. beating Del Worsham who ran 4.808 seconds at 195.11 mph.

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 3.922 seconds at 328.86 mph. beating Jonnie Lindberg who ran 7.147 seconds at 106.26 mph.

Cruz Pedregon ran 5.714 seconds at 128.92 mph. beating Matt Hagan No Contestant who ran 0.000 seconds at 000.00 mph.

Alexis Dejoria ran 4.416 seconds at 210.05 mph. beating Tim Wilkerson who ran 4.650 seconds at 271.13 mph.

John Force ran 3.901 seconds at 333.25 mph. beating Jim Campbell who ran seconds at mph.

Jack Beckman ran 4.290 seconds at 207.56 mph. beating Brian Stewart who ran 4.083 seconds at 247.25 mph.

Pro Stock Results

2017-07-09 Final Round Winner

Tanner Gray ran 6.610 seconds at 208.04 mph. beating Bo Butner who ran 6.629 seconds at 207.85 mph.

Round Three

Tanner Gray ran 6.620 seconds at 207.56 mph. beating Jason Line who ran 7.140 seconds at 159.89 mph.

Bo Butner ran 6.642 seconds at 207.37 mph. beating Greg Anderson who ran 6.636 seconds at 207.88 mph.

Round Two

Tanner Gray ran 6.620 seconds at 207.46 mph. beating Erica Enders who ran 6.648 seconds at 207.66 mph.

Jason Line ran 6.624 seconds at 207.27 mph. beating Drew Skillman who ran 6.628 seconds at 208.20 mph.

Bo Butner ran 6.619 seconds at 207.50 mph. beating Shane Gray who ran 6.665 seconds at 207.11 mph.

Greg Anderson ran 6.594 seconds at 208.30 mph. beating Allen Johnson who ran 6.628 seconds at 207.21 mph.

Round One

Tanner Gray ran 6.601 seconds at 207.69 mph. beating No Contestant who ran 0.000 seconds at 000.00 mph.

Erica Enders ran 6.659 seconds at 207.78 mph. beating Jeg Coughlin who ran 6.657 seconds at 207.66 mph.

Jason Line ran 6.621 seconds at 207.75 mph. beating John Gaydosh who ran 6.704 seconds at 205.51 mph.

Drew Skillman ran 6.614 seconds at 208.23 mph. beating Alan Prusiensky who ran 6.855 seconds at 198.79 mph.

Bo Butner ran 6.623 seconds at 207.43 mph. beating David River who ran 6.976 seconds at 196.90 mph.

Shane Gray ran 6.634 seconds at 207.05 mph. beating Vincent Nobile who ran 6.965 seconds at 165.42 mph.

Allen Johnson ran 6.641 seconds at 207.11 mph. beating Mark Hogan No Contestant who ran 0.000 seconds at 000.00 mph.

Greg Anderson ran 6.588 seconds at 209.20 mph. beating Deric Kramer who ran 6.691 seconds at 206.48 mph.

Pro Stock Motorcycle Results

2017-07-09 Final Round Winner

Jerry Savoie ran 6.846 seconds at 194.80 mph. beating LE Tonglet who ran 6.910 seconds at 194.02 mph.

Round Three

LE Tonglet ran 6.869 seconds at 194.63 mph. beating Andrew Hines who ran 6.952 seconds at 195.79 mph.

Jerry Savoie ran 6.869 seconds at 194.66 mph. beating Matt Smith who ran 9.011 seconds at 97.00 mph.

Round Two

Andrew Hines ran 6.918 seconds at 195.31 mph. beating Hector Arana Jr who ran 6.919 seconds at 194.24 mph.

LE Tonglet ran 6.850 seconds at 194.77 mph. beating Cory Reed who ran 6.961 seconds at 190.00 mph.

Jerry Savoie ran 6.845 seconds at 192.77 mph. beating Angie Smith who ran 7.001 seconds at 190.62 mph.

Matt Smith ran 6.884 seconds at 194.21 mph. beating Eddie Krawiec who ran 6.894 seconds at 194.18 mph.

Round One

Hector Arana Jr ran 6.893 seconds at 194.49 mph. beating James Underdahl who ran 7.079 seconds at 190.46 mph.

Andrew Hines ran 6.929 seconds at 195.90 mph. beating Angelle Sampey who ran 8.326 seconds at 107.91 mph.

Cory Reed ran 6.944 seconds at 190.03 mph. beating Scott Pollacheck who ran 6.960 seconds at 191.54 mph.

LE Tonglet ran 6.864 seconds at 194.66 mph. beating Steve Johnson No Contestant who ran 0.000 seconds at 000.00 mph.

Jerry Savoie ran 6.881 seconds at 192.85 mph. beating Mike Berry who ran 7.026 seconds at 190.48 mph.

Angie Smith ran 6.935 seconds at 193.29 mph. beating Karen Stoffer who ran 6.942 seconds at 192.58 mph.

Matt Smith ran 6.859 seconds at 194.55 mph. beating Fred Camarena who ran 7.104 seconds at 189.98 mph.

Eddie Krawiec ran 6.883 seconds at 194.91 mph. beating Joey Gladstone who ran 6.939 seconds at 193.60 mph.

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