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NHRA Funny Car Mopar Mile High Nationals Result
Artist TD3, Impression of Robert Hight Wins NHRA Funny Car Mopar Mile High Nationals

2017-07-09 Final Round Winner

Robert Hight ran 3.995 seconds at 317.57 mph. beating Tommy Johnson Jr who ran 4.099 seconds at 297.16 mph.

Round Three

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 3.988 seconds at 306.19 mph. beating Jim Campbell who ran 4.768 seconds at 176.35 mph.

Robert Hight ran 4.068 seconds at 314.24 mph. beating Cruz Pedregon who ran 4.089 seconds at 308.28 mph.

Round Two

Jim Campbell ran 4.084 seconds at 286.92 mph. beating J.R. Todd who ran 4.198 seconds at 301.60 mph.

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 4.052 seconds at 301.87 mph. beating Jonnie Lindberg who ran 4.471 seconds at 210.80 mph.

Cruz Pedregon ran 4.053 seconds at 291.01 mph. beating Matt Hagan who ran 4.057 seconds at 313.95 mph.

Robert Hight ran 4.146 seconds at 305.22 mph. beating Jack Beckman who ran 4.319 seconds at 289.63 mph.

Round One

Jim Campbell ran 4.260 seconds at 239.53 mph. beating Courtney Force who ran 4.271 seconds at 242.67 mph.

J.R. Todd ran 4.072 seconds at 316.30 mph. beating Tim Wilkerson who ran 4.203 seconds at 263.98 mph.

Jonnie Lindberg ran 4.043 seconds at 319.14 mph. beating Jeff Diehl who ran 4.292 seconds at 303.71 mph.

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 4.040 seconds at 311.20 mph. beating Ron Capps who ran 4.017 seconds at 311.99 mph.

Matt Hagan ran 4.102 seconds at 310.55 mph. beating John Force who ran 4.339 seconds at 247.66 mph.

Cruz Pedregon ran 4.463 seconds at 205.35 mph. beating Del Worsham who ran 7.416 seconds at 103.46 mph.

Robert Hight ran 13.653 seconds at 71.60 mph. beating Todd Simpson who ran 7.022 seconds at 95.48 mph.

Jack Beckman ran 4.027 seconds at 320.20 mph. beating Alexis Dejoria who ran 4.056 seconds at 316.90 mph.

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