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NHRA Funny Car Results Thunder Valley Nationals
Artist TD3, Impression of NHRA Funny Car Results Thunder Valley Nationals

2017-06-18 Funny Car Winner

Ron Capps ran 4.054 seconds at 317.05 mph. beating Jack Beckman who ran 4.040 seconds at 319.29 mph.

Round Three

Jack Beckman ran 4.009 seconds at 318.99 mph. beating Tommy Johnson Jr who ran 4.043 seconds at 313.29 mph.

Ron Capps ran 4.045 seconds at 314.61 mph. beating Matt Hagan who ran 5.264 seconds at 168.43 mph.

Round Two

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 4.083 seconds at 314.53 mph. beating Tim Wilkerson who ran 4.220 seconds at 262.18 mph.

Jack Beckman ran 4.321 seconds at 276.75 mph. beating Courtney Force who ran 4.343 seconds at 221.42 mph.

Ron Capps ran 4.090 seconds at 314.31 mph. beating Robert Hight who ran 4.124 seconds at 310.55 mph.

Matt Hagan ran 4.202 seconds at 306.95 mph. beating John Force who ran 4.892 seconds at 170.60 mph.

Round One

Tim Wilkerson ran 4.367 seconds at 233.12 mph. beating Bob Bode who ran seconds at mph.

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 4.105 seconds at 314.17 mph. beating Jonnie Lindberg who ran 5.901 seconds at 122.44 mph.

Courtney Force ran 4.132 seconds at 255.43 mph. beating J.R. Todd who ran 4.305 seconds at 240.89 mph.

Jack Beckman ran 4.172 seconds at 303.43 mph. beating Cruz Pedregon who ran 4.302 seconds at 275.28 mph.

Robert Hight ran 3.985 seconds at 322.58 mph. beating Jeff Diehl who ran 6.461 seconds at 105.19 mph.

Ron Capps ran 4.104 seconds at 315.34 mph. beating Alexis Dejoria who ran 4.246 seconds at 278.75 mph.

Matt Hagan ran 4.387 seconds at 233.48 mph. beating Jim Campbell who ran 6.307 seconds at 105.26 mph.

John Force ran 4.136 seconds at 312.42 mph. beating Del Worsham who ran 4.211 seconds at 303.43 mph.

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