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NHRA Pro Mod Results Thunder Valley Nationals
Artist TD3, Impression of NHRA Pro Mod Results Thunder Valley Nationals

2017-06-18 Pro Mod Winner

Troy Coughlin ran 5.878 seconds at 253.09 mph. beating Shane Molinari who ran 5.881 seconds at 254.76 mph.

Round Three

Shane Molinari ran 5.875 seconds at 254.52 mph. beating Rickie Smith who ran 5.932 seconds at 246.35 mph.

Troy Coughlin ran 5.927 seconds at 238.51 mph. beating Jonathan Gray who ran 8.965 seconds at 84.55 mph.

Round Two

Shane Molinari ran 6.162 seconds at 248.16 mph. beating Sidnei Frigo who ran 8.232 seconds at 115.46 mph.

Rickie Smith ran 5.941 seconds at 245.63 mph. beating Mike Castellana who ran 7.398 seconds at 137.33 mph.

Troy Coughlin ran 5.890 seconds at 253.95 mph. beating Bob Rahaim who ran 5.933 seconds at 246.66 mph.

Jonathan Gray ran 5.926 seconds at 243.02 mph. beating Mike Bowman who ran 8.760 seconds at 107.46 mph.

Round One

Shane Molinari ran 5.934 seconds at 227.50 mph. beating Jim Whiteley who ran 11.197 seconds at 107.31 mph.

Sidnei Frigo ran 5.927 seconds at 249.90 mph. beating Pete Farber who ran 5.960 seconds at 244.34 mph.

Mike Castellana ran 5.939 seconds at 245.67 mph. beating Steve Matusek who ran 5.932 seconds at 244.96 mph.

Rickie Smith ran 5.867 seconds at 246.48 mph. beating Steven Whiteley who ran 5.928 seconds at 244.96 mph.

Troy Coughlin ran 5.842 seconds at 254.86 mph. beating Mike Janis who ran 7.884 seconds at 122.87 mph.

Bob Rahaim ran 5.855 seconds at 246.98 mph. beating Michael Biehle II who ran 5.895 seconds at 252.05 mph.

Johnathan Gray ran 5.898 seconds at 246.03 mph. beating Steve Jackson who ran 5.901 seconds at 243.94 mph.

Mike Bowman ran 5.955 seconds at 256.50 mph. beating Khalid Al Balooshi who ran 6.036 seconds at 243.28 mph.

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