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NHRA Pro Mod Summernationals Results At Raceway Park
Artist TD3, Impression of NHRA Pro Mod Summernationals Results At Raceway Park
2017-06-11 Troy Coughlin from Delaware, Ohio ran 5.882 seconds at 255.29 mph. Beating Rickie Smith who ran 5.884 seconds at 247.93 mph.

Round 1

Troy Coughlin ran 5.788 seconds at 256.55 mph. Beating Jonathan Gray who ran 5.873 seconds at 240.38 mph.

Khalid Al Balooshi ran 5.853 seconds at 248.48 mph. Beating Danny Rowe who ran 9.786 seconds at 110.15 mph.

Steve Jackson ran 6.299 seconds at 157.67 mph. Beating Bob Rahaim who ran 9.088 seconds at 104.59 mph.

Steve Matusek ran 5.852 seconds at 250.60 mph. Beating Carl Stevens Jr who ran 9.073 seconds at 111.08 mph.

Shane Molinari ran 5.818 seconds at 234.61 mph. Beating Mike Janis who ran 8.947 seconds at 109.81 mph.

Rickie Smith ran 7.899 seconds at 121.65 mph. Beating Eric Latino who ran 6.913 seconds at 158.45 mph.

Sidnei Frigo ran 7.087 seconds at 152.18 mph. Beating Shannon Jenkins who ran 8.936 seconds at 103.28 mph.

Round 2

Troy Coughlin ran 5.833 seconds at 256.55 mph. Coughlin had a straight run beating Khalid Albalooshi who ran a 7.103 at 140.78 mph. Albalooshi lost traction halfway, shook the car and went left over the barrier line.

Stevie Jackson ran 5.881 seconds at 233.76 mph. Jackson had a close race beating Steve Matusek who ran 5.886 at 249.86 mph.

Rickie Smith ran 5.881 seconds at 248.89 mph. Smith had a straight run beating Shane Molinari who ran 7.207 at 148.85 mph. Molinari lost traction and went left 100 feet out.

Steven Whiteley ran 5.914 seconds at 247.84 mph. Whiteley had a straight run beating Sidnei Frigo who ran 7.443 at 136.32 mph. Frigo lost traction 50 feet out.

Round 3

Troy Coughlin ran 5.848 seconds at 255.73 mph. Beating Steve Jackson who ran 6.111 seconds at 236.17 mph.

Rickie Smith ran 5.877 seconds at 248.34 mph. Beating Steven Whiteley who ran 9.820 seconds at 103.13 mph.

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