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NHRA Top Fuel Mopar Mile High Nationals Result
Artist TD3, Impression of Antron Brown Wins NHRA Top Fuel Mopar Mile High Nationals

2017-07-23 Final Round Winner

Antron Brown ran 3.792 seconds at 319.82 mph. beating Leah Pritchett who ran 3.816 seconds at 324.90 mph.

Round Three

Leah Pritchett ran 3.794 seconds at 323.43 mph. beating Tony Schumacher who ran 3.790 seconds at 324.36 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.797 seconds at 317.12 mph. beating Brittany Force who ran 4.459 seconds at 163.10 mph.

Round Two

Leah Pritchett ran 3.817 seconds at 320.28 mph. beating Clay Millican who ran 3.927 seconds at 254.47 mph.

Tony Schumacher ran 3.806 seconds at 325.37 mph. beating Terry Haddock who ran 10.469 seconds at 90.44 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.796 seconds at 315.34 mph. beating Doug Kalitta who ran 3.814 seconds at 324.75 mph.

Brittany Force ran 3.806 seconds at 321.58 mph. beating Steve Torrence who ran 3.972 seconds at 294.56 mph.

Round One

Leah Pritchett ran 3.797 seconds at 321.58 mph. beating Troy Coughlin Jr who ran 3.966 seconds at 256.31 mph.

Clay Millican ran 3.798 seconds at 315.19 mph. beating Bob Vandergriff who ran 3.866 seconds at 311.99 mph.

Tony Schumacher ran 3.837 seconds at 323.97 mph. beating Steve Chrisman who ran 4.240 seconds at 238.09 mph.

Terry Haddock ran 4.171 seconds at 280.31 mph. beating Shawn Langdon who ran 4.393 seconds at 247.07 mph.

Doug Kalitta ran 3.827 seconds at 320.20 mph. beating Greg Carillo who ran 4.344 seconds at 281.01 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.837 seconds at 321.27 mph. beating Scott Palmer who ran 3.861 seconds at 318.02 mph.

Steve Torrence ran 3.814 seconds at 325.06 mph. beating Rob Passey who ran 4.627 seconds at 199.17 mph.

Brittany Force ran 3.915 seconds at 255.15 mph. beating Terry McMillen who ran 4.672 seconds at 172.54 mph.

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