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Robert Hight Wins NHRA Funny Car At The Carolina Nationals
Robert Hight Wins NHRA Funny Car At The Carolina Nationals

2017-09-17 Final Round Winner

Robert Hight ran 3.943 seconds at 328.86 mph. beating Courtney Force who ran 3.980 seconds at 315.19 mph.

Round Three

Courtney Force ran 3.957 seconds at 325.06 mph. beating Alexis Dejoria who ran 3.976 seconds at 322.04 mph.

Robert Hight ran 3.985 seconds at 325.14 mph. beating J.R. Todd who ran 3.999 seconds at 315.19 mph.

Round Two

Courtney Force ran 3.934 seconds at 330.07 mph. beating John Force who ran 3.983 seconds at 325.61 mph.

Alexis Dejoria ran 3.979 seconds at 320.05 mph. beating Jim Campbell who ran 4.738 seconds at 164.75 mph.

J.R. Todd ran 3.975 seconds at 321.81 mph. beating Ron Capps who ran 3.968 seconds at 323.50 mph.

Robert Hight ran 3.951 seconds at 328.22 mph. beating Tommy Johnson Jr who ran 4.315 seconds at 216.65 mph.

Round One

Courtney Force ran 3.947 seconds at 319.75 mph. beating Bob Gilbertson who ran 5.556 seconds at 128.44 mph.

John Force ran 4.076 seconds at 301.67 mph. beating Cruz Pedregon who ran 12.010 seconds at 73.07 mph.

Jim Campbell ran 4.189 seconds at 295.85 mph. beating Jack Beckman who ran 4.539 seconds at 225.82 mph.

Alexis Dejoria ran 3.980 seconds at 319.45 mph. beating Jonnie Lindberg who ran 7.831 seconds at 103.88 mph.

J.R. Todd ran 3.954 seconds at 327.19 mph. beating Jeff Diehl who ran 4.829 seconds at 177.49 mph.

Ron Capps ran 4.363 seconds at 216.24 mph. beating Tim Wilkerson who ran 4.725 seconds at 169.68 mph.

Tommy Johnson Jr ran 4.064 seconds at 272.45 mph. beating Dave Richards No Contestant who ran 0.000 seconds at 000.00 mph.

Robert Hight ran 3.927 seconds at 326.95 mph. beating Matt Hagan who ran 4.254 seconds at 228.96 mph.

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