Robert Hight Wins NHRA Funny Car At The Texas Nationals
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Robert Hight Wins NHRA Funny Car At The Texas Nationals
Artist Rendering of Robert Hight Wins NHRA Funny Car At The Texas Nationals
2017-10-15 Final Round Winner Robert Hight captured the Funny Car victory Sunday at the 32nd annual AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals at the Texas Motorplex.

Hight remains second in the points standings with Capps in first by just 24 points.“This was huge. A round win is worth 20 points but truthfully that final round win for us was 40 points,” said Hight, who was also the No. 1 qualifier at the event. “We were 44 back going into the final round and had we lost that’s 64. Winning brought it back to 24 which is a little over a round with two races left. That was a 40-point swing for us. That was big. We needed that one. We would have been pretty bummed leaving here over three rounds back.”

Robert Hight ran 3.877 seconds at 332.34 mph. beating Ron Capps who ran 3.927 seconds at 329.18 mph.

Round Three

Robert Hight ran 3.898 seconds at 331.85 mph. beating Tim Wilkerson who ran 3.954 seconds at 316.60 mph.

Ron Capps ran 3.905 seconds at 329.10 mph. beating Jack Beckman who ran 4.468 seconds at 196.13 mph.

Round Two

Robert Hight ran 3.865 seconds at 331.77 mph. beating Alexis Dejoria who ran 3.945 seconds at 329.83 mph.

Tim Wilkerson ran 3.904 seconds at 331.45 mph. beating Jonnie Lindberg who ran 4.200 seconds at 276.63 mph.

Ron Capps ran 3.921 seconds at 329.10 mph. beating John Force who ran 13.230 seconds at 65.37 mph.

Jack Beckman ran 5.082 seconds at 145.89 mph. beating Daniel Wilkerson No Contestant who ran 0.000 seconds at 000.00 mph.

Round One

Robert Hight ran 3.828 seconds at 338.60 mph. beating Jim Campbell who ran 4.053 seconds at 318.54 mph.

Alexis Dejoria ran 3.933 seconds at 329.83 mph. beating Bob Tasca III who ran 4.444 seconds at 209.82 mph.

Jonnie Lindberg ran 4.372 seconds at 303.78 mph. beating Matt Hagan who ran 5.186 seconds at 257.38 mph.

Tim Wilkerson ran 3.886 seconds at 332.34 mph. beating Cruz Pedregon who ran 4.439 seconds at 195.70 mph.

Ron Capps ran 4.287 seconds at 220.58 mph. beating Del Worsham who ran 4.474 seconds at 244.43 mph.

John Force ran 4.413 seconds at 234.61 mph. beating Tommy Johnson Jr who ran 4.467 seconds at 192.44 mph.

Jack Beckman ran 4.590 seconds at 229.70 mph. beating J.R. Todd who ran 5.140 seconds at 190.78 mph.

Daniel Wilkerson ran 3.975 seconds at 317.05 mph. beating Courtney Force who ran 5.842 seconds at 140.66 mph.

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