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Steve Torrence Wins Top Fuel At NHRA Midwest Nationals
Artist Rendering of Steve Torrence Wins Top Fuel At NHRA Midwest Nationals

2017-10-01 Final Round Winner

Steve Torrence ran 3.684 seconds at 329.34 mph. beating Doug Kalitta who ran 3.698 seconds at 331.28 mph.

Round Three

Doug Kalitta ran 3.718 seconds at 330.23 mph. beating Dom Lagana who ran 3.760 seconds at 326.24 mph.

Steve Torrence ran 3.689 seconds at 330.72 mph. beating Antron Brown who ran 3.711 seconds at 331.12 mph.

Round Two

Dom Lagana ran 3.730 seconds at 326.87 mph. beating Clay Millican who ran 5.129 seconds at 141.09 mph.

Doug Kalitta ran 3.717 seconds at 329.83 mph. beating Brittany Force who ran 4.250 seconds at 231.83 mph.

Steve Torrence ran 3.678 seconds at 330.80 mph. beating Leah Pritchett who ran 8.484 seconds at 67.26 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.692 seconds at 331.12 mph. beating Tony Schumacher who ran 4.218 seconds at 208.26 mph.

Round One

Clay Millican ran 3.664 seconds at 328.06 mph. beating Kyle Wurtzel who ran 5.096 seconds at 136.69 mph.

Dom Lagana ran 3.727 seconds at 325.69 mph. beating Richie Crampton who ran 9.662 seconds at 85.00 mph.

Doug Kalitta ran 3.845 seconds at 275.34 mph. beating Scott Palmer who ran 3.827 seconds at 306.74 mph.

Brittany Force ran 3.644 seconds at 332.26 mph. beating Pat Dakin who ran 3.870 seconds at 270.16 mph.

Leah Pritchett ran 3.672 seconds at 332.75 mph. beating Ashley Sanford who ran 3.919 seconds at 277.37 mph.

Steve Torrence ran 3.675 seconds at 329.58 mph. beating Shawn Langdon who ran 3.960 seconds at 272.06 mph.

Tony Schumacher ran 3.693 seconds at 324.75 mph. beating Troy Buff who ran 11.054 seconds at 42.55 mph.

Antron Brown ran 3.721 seconds at 328.94 mph. beating Terry McMillen who ran 4.332 seconds at 186.56 mph.

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