Tanner Gray Wins NHRA Pro Stock At The Carolina Nationals
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Tanner Gray Wins NHRA Pro Stock At The Carolina Nationals
Tanner Gray Wins NHRA Pro Stock At The Carolina Nationals

2017-09-17 Final Round Winner

Tanner Gray ran 6.614 seconds at 208.07 mph. beating Greg Anderson who ran 6.638 seconds at 207.82 mph.

Round Three

Tanner Gray ran 6.610 seconds at 209.72 mph. beating Jason Line who ran 6.603 seconds at 209.65 mph.

Greg Anderson ran 6.616 seconds at 209.98 mph. beating Bo Butner who ran 6.597 seconds at 209.56 mph.

Round Two

Tanner Gray ran 6.586 seconds at 210.47 mph. beating Erica Enders who ran 8.923 seconds at 106.72 mph.

Jason Line ran 6.600 seconds at 209.52 mph. beating Kenny Delco who ran 6.737 seconds at 204.85 mph.

Greg Anderson ran 6.605 seconds at 209.82 mph. beating Drew Skillman who ran 6.668 seconds at 209.65 mph.

Bo Butner ran 6.629 seconds at 209.23 mph. beating Jeg Coughlin who ran 6.640 seconds at 209.04 mph.

Round One

Tanner Gray ran 6.583 seconds at 210.05 mph. beating Val Smeland who ran 6.910 seconds at 201.49 mph.

Erica Enders ran 6.653 seconds at 208.36 mph. beating Alex Laughlin who ran 7.886 seconds at 108.36 mph.

Jason Line ran 6.601 seconds at 209.59 mph. beating Larry Morgan who ran 6.720 seconds at 208.33 mph.

Kenny Delco ran 6.765 seconds at 204.63 mph. beating Chris McGaha who ran 6.622 seconds at 209.56 mph.

Greg Anderson ran 6.617 seconds at 209.52 mph. beating Alan Prusiensky who ran 6.699 seconds at 206.39 mph.

Drew Skillman ran 6.620 seconds at 209.52 mph. beating Allen Johnson who ran 6.608 seconds at 207.88 mph.

Bo Butner ran 6.597 seconds at 208.55 mph. beating Shane Tucker who ran 6.679 seconds at 207.37 mph.

Jeg Coughlin ran 6.624 seconds at 209.52 mph. beating Vincent Nobile who ran 6.632 seconds at 209.14 mph.

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