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Toto Wolff. Bernie Ecclestones. FIA. Mercedes. Ferrari. Are All Ducks
2017-10-29 If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck it’s a duck!

Toto Wolff of Mercedes recently tried to smooth things over with his rhetoric. Wolff said “the statemente that former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone made, “the FIA and Mercedes have helped Ferrari to be more competitive”, are “nonsense.”

Let’s be honest folks these people are crooks and they must think we, (me & you the readers) are dumb and that if they deny it enough times that we will believe them.

Well i am here to tell these jokers the facts are the facts, if the FIA wanted to issue a 5 second penalty on the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen for driving 4 tires over the white line then they should have taking the time to issue a 5 second penalty on every driver who put 4 tires over the line, to be fair and non bias!

As for Toto Wolff he should have kept his mouth shut, now he is also a part off the lies.

I think they should all be fired, the race reviewed, penalties issued to all drives who put 4 tires over the line and reissue the race results, then we will see where each driver places.

Then the Formula 1 can get back to real racing instead of looking more like a WWF Wrestling match.

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